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Naturopathy utilises natural remedies and treatments, and dietary and lifestyle changes to create the conditions for homeostasis and healing to occur.

"I trained as a naturopath in the 1980s, and while treatments and protocols have changed, the basic naturopathic philosophy still stands today. Health and homeostasis are natural states of being and naturopathy is the art and science of helping to create the conditions for that to occur."

"My approach is based on the 'KISS' principle. There is no need to use more when the same result can be achieved with less. I aim to use the least intervention and minimal remedies for the maximum result. It is often not what you add to your diet or lifestyle, but what you let go of which helps you to attain better health." 


"Once a person starts to gain momentum and feel well again, they make healthier choices quite naturally and without angst or effort. It becomes easier and easier."

At the centre of naturopathy is the philosophy of treating the whole person. Rather than looking at different symptoms in the body-mind complex as being unrelated, naturopathy draws connections and links, and treats the underlying conditions. It encourages the whole system back towards health and well being. When this happens the client takes responsibility for their own health and this is the ultimate aim of naturopathy. This is truly preventative medicine.


Scott Brisbane

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Naturopathy Holistic Treatment
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