I am currently running online yoga classes during the COVID lockdown. If you are interested in attending an online class please contact me via the Contact page or call or text me on 0409 599 477. 


Scott's yoga classes are suitable for everyone from beginners through to those who have yoga experience. The focus is on being present and grounded in your body, developing strength, a strong core, flexibility, and exploring breath, flow, energy and stillness. Classes move between flowing sequences where movement and breath are coordinated through to floor work and ultimately deep relaxation and meditation.

"Human beings are designed to move and each of us is unique in how we do that. I like to help people to find their own way of being strong, flexible and comfortable in their body. It's about being grounded, aware and present."

All classes cater for the individual and there are modifications for most exercises if you have any difficulties or restrictions. These classes are entirely suitable for those who are starting out on the process of getting to know their body better, rehabilitating from an injury or just looking for some peace and stillness in their life.

Scott trained as a yoga teacher and meditation instructor with Dru Australia and is a member of Yoga Australia. 

I am currently running 2 online classes per week. If you want to join either of the classes you can enquire via the Contact page or call or text me on

0409 599 477. Here are the times for the online classes:

Mondays 9.00am to 10.15am

Wednesdays 6pm to 7.15pm

Casual attendance - $16 

Enquire regarding discounts for taking multiple classes.

The information below applies to the class I normally take in the physical space in Brunswick and hopefully will start up again when the lockdown is lifted:

Classes are held at:

Australian Shiatsu College

103 Evans St Brunswick 3056


Tuesday 9.15am - 10.30am | Yoga Class


Payment per school term (or $20 casual)


Scott Brisbane

0409 599 477

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